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I know its been absolutely AGES since I last jumped on this and bombarded the planet earth with my rants but I am back and ready to rumble!

Ive found an amazingly useful blog about the basics of sewing and needle bits and bobs called “Tilly and the Buttons” her learn to sew section has me all excited and filled with crafting Joire de vivre! 

Then my my every ready site Honestly WTF whose DIY accessories are in fact the Bees Knees and lastly !!!

An Author Omar Tyree, his book Flyy Girl had me a bit like OMG and squishing my face up whilst not being able to break eye contact.

So there we have it, I shall soon be embarking on the Cambridge Diet plan and if i actually manage to shed more than my hopes and dreams on it i’ll give you all an update. 




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