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Macrame & lattice… short catch up!

Hey all,

So after an attempt at starting and a LOOOOOONG hiatus I am BACK!!

I have gotten to grips with two main styles of bracelet Macrame and Lattice thanks to my good friends YouTube & a number of other sources!

For Lattice Bracelets aka PinkBerry bracelets as i think they are referred to in the video?

(My crack at a lattice 😀  )

Check out this link:

and for macrame

(again my bracelet – Macrame)

I like this video because it really clear:

Keep in mind a basic box knot as illustrated is the same one used to make a shamballa bracelet so if you get the hang of it you can just add beads!!

like this:

If you prefer photo tutorials step by step to videos let me know and ill out something in my next post!!

Im also on blogspot

so check me out on there too 🙂


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