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Hey, I know its been absolutely AGES since I last jumped on this and bombarded the planet earth with my rants but I am back and ready to rumble! Ive … Continue reading

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So Far So Good!

Okay peeps… so i’ve decided to get my bits out and show you my range of material!! DIY bracelets so far that is…

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Wire Word Bracelets

Originally posted on Pinning in Real Life:
Because jewelry can be expensive I decided to try to make some of my own (even if they aren’t as pretty and perfect).…

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Macrame & lattice… short catch up!

Hey all, So after an attempt at starting and a LOOOOOONG hiatus I am BACK!! I have gotten to grips with two main styles of bracelet Macrame and Lattice thanks … Continue reading

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okay so its official, im semi-jumping ship!!   i now have a blogger account which I feel shows my work a bit better and is easier to use?   im … Continue reading

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Autumn posts!

Hi all,   Sorry for the long hiatus! this month im going to be giving you some inspirational ideas from other bloggers and doing tutorials on a few autumn and … Continue reading

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Bows Galores – Freebies to boot!

Hi All,   I am ecstatic to introduce my newest obsession HAIR BOWS!! Now I know what your thinking… 23 years old… hair bows? But they are amazing! Easy to … Continue reading

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